Helicopters Flying Through Tower Bridge

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A delightful evening in London spent watching a pair of helicopters fly through Tower Bridge. It appears that it's part of the London™ 2012© Olympics® opening ceremony. First, the practice run: Then the three flights through the bridge Thanks to IanVisits for alerting us to the event, and Tom Scott for organising the picnic.

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There is no HTTP code for censorship (but perhaps there should be)

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To quote Chris Applegate: "There is no HTTP code for censorship." But perhaps there should be. My ISP have recently been ordered to censor The Pirate Bay. They have done so unwillingly and, it would seem, have complied only with the letter of the ruling. Their block is, for now, trivial to circumvent. I am…

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How To Redirect Mobile Users

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Twitter recently announced that 80% of UK users were active on mobile. The means every time you tweet a link to your website, the chances are that it will be a mobile device which tries to open your site. This is a quick guide to what I consider to be the "best practices" for mobile…

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Equal Marriage

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I've been pretty disgusted with how the Tories are treating equal marriage, so I decided to put the case to my local MP. Here's my letter and his somewhat disappointing reply. Dear Jonathan Lord, I understand that there will shortly be a free vote on the issue of equal marriage. Some politicians have insisted that…

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Button, button, who's got the button?

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I love Android, I really do. I'm chuffed to bits with the Galaxy Nexus I won recently. I've had a dozen Android phones before that - stretching all the way back to the HTC Magic. But it's getting obvious that Android has a serious design problem - even with the gorgeous new "Holo" theme for…

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Over The Air 2012

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Another brilliant event from Over The Air. The perfect mix of lectures, hacking, and relaxing in a country manor / museum. And, to top it off, my hack won a brace of prizes! The Wifi just about held up. Although I think it's fundamentally impossible to provide decent connectivity to 200+ people. Especially when they're…

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