Train Tickets With QR Codes

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No, I’m not talking about Masabi’s innovative technology, but of this rather odd bit of advertising found on the back of a train ticket.
QR Codes on Train Tickets
There’s no specific call to action – but there’s not much space to play with. Let’s give it a scan…
Train Tickets non-mobile friendly

*sigh* A non-mobile site. With an Adobe Flash plugin in the top right which won’t work on any iPhones. Why on Earth do marketing companies insist on pointing phones to non-mobile sites. It really bemuses me. Stations rarely have good signal (too many people leads to local network congestion) and, besides, large sites are a right pig to use on a small screen.


I’ve blogged several times about using links in QR codes. With a little bit of hacking (adding at + character to the end of the URL) we can see how many people have been scanning the code.
QR Click Stats Rail

I don’t know how many of these tickets have been printed. That might be a really good conversion rate – but I doubt it. I only noticed the QR code because someone had dropped their ticket and it landed face-down. Realistically, how many people look at the back of their tickets?

The best campaign in the world would fail if it’s not put in front of an audience.

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