I’m a doomsayer & proud of it. QR is even more pointless than NFC, and that’s saying something.

16,000 scans across 400 sites = average of 40/site. Over what, 100-ish days? So less than once per day per site.

Compared with how many people who either type in a link they’ve read, or find the app in an appstore each day? Or who’ve read a free newspaper or done any manner of other activity in a bus-stop?

To be fair though, I have now seen one person scanning a QR code in a public space (a geeky guy at LAX airport, scanning the TSA’s “how was your security today?” code)

Let’s be generous & say that each site got 5 scans per week. It costs about £120/week for a poster advert on a bus shelter*, so each one would effectively cost £24 (plus design & printing). Good value for marketeers?


* – source: http://www.outdooradvertisingltd.co.uk/pages/bus-stop-advertising.php