A Year of QRpedia!

An email from FourSquare this morning reminded me what I was doing a year ago today.

QRpedia Birthday

I spent the morning at The British Museum doing the first public experiments with QRpedia.

This is a video of the historic occaision.

So, here's a quick run down of what this volunteer-lead project has acheived in a single year, in no particular order:

  • Derby Museum installation
  • UK National Archives installation
  • The Children's Museum of Indianapolis installation
  • Sofia Zoo installation
  • Juan Miro installation
  • Monmouthpedia - covering Monmouth with hundreds of QRpedia codes
  • Over 42,000 scans of the codes
  • Named one of the top four most innovative mobile companies in the UK
  • Become part of the "Occupy" movement
  • Received scans from over 100 different countries

Wow! What a ride! From a few comments on Wikipedia and blogs, to project launch, to global domination 🙂 QRpedia really emphasises what a team of commited volunteers can do if they work together.

I'll be demoing QRpedia at Museums Showoff on April 25th in Camden.

If you work with a museum, gallery, archive, library, zoo, garden - or any other cultural institution - and want to use QRpedia, visit the website or drop us an email to get started.

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