More Real QR Statistics

Wandering through London today, I noticed that Southbank London has put QR codes on its posters. I've mentioned before the dangers of using as a QR code generator - as it allows us to peek at the codes' performance statistics.

Here are the codes on the posters - click for bigger.

As all the codes use so we can see how well they've performed - click on each one for the latest statistics.

Not the most impressive of campaigns.

Three strong points to note before pointing out how (in)effective QR marketing is:

  1. How many clicks would a traditional URL on a poster get?
  2. The code with the call-to-action has the strongest response. Would the others have improved with a CTA?
  3. How many of these posters are in the wild? I only spotted one set, but I suspect there are more.

QR Codes are Scanned by Mobile Phones

Why would you point a QR code at a non-mobile site?

And, just as bad, why not point directly to an app-store when you want people to download an app?

Ah, it's because your advert's promise of an Android app is a lie.

Very disappointing.

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