Day 2 in India – Bangalore Is Las Vegas

by @edent | #

The heat. That all oppressive heat. Not that you’d ever notice it; you move from air-conditioned hotel, to air-conditioned taxi, to air-conditioned office.

Yes, cars everywhere. A fifteen minute walk quickly turns into a twenty minute taxi ride. No one walks here – the streets are too crowded for that.

Our hotel is hollowed out inside – very reminiscent of the Luxor. Same faux stone walls, unlimited buffet, and eager waiters.

The UB City shopping mall may as well be the Venetian in Vegas. Italian frescoes painted on the ceiling, soulless corridors housing luxury shops, chintzy Muzak permeates the air.

The background music of Bangalore isn’t that of Vegas’s chirruping slot machines – it’s the constant cries of car horns.

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