1971 - Bananas

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I'm watching all of Woody Allen's films in chronological order.

After his previous films, it's hard to see why anyone would let Woody Allen make another comedy. I'm glad they did! "Bananas" is the first truly funny Woody Allen film. Right from the start it contains gags which - amazingly - make you laugh. A departure from his earlier films!

The jokes come at an even pace, a good mix of satire, slapstick, surrealism, and sight gags. The semi-improvised dialogue has a "stand-up" feel to it.

What's surprising is just how consistent it is. I'm used to being able to sit through 15 minutes of a Woody Allen film without a single laugh - Bananas sets up a relentless modern pace.

You can buy Bananas from Amazon - and I highly recommend it!

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