Misunderstanding: I don’t need to set up a DDR, I already run one, and I’m not connected with OpenDDR.

But your advice to me there kind of makes my point: for any data going into a database, you have three options: do it yourself, acquire the data from a third party, or get your users to do it.

If OpenDDR (or any other DDR) commits itself to using WURFL fields and supporting them independently of Scientia, then I think it will have an impossible time getting legal data for those unique fields either internally, because so many of them only originate from Scientia.

Which means that at some point you’re either going to have a systematic flow of data from Scientia to OpenDDR for those fields, or OpenDDR’s updates will be restricted to just easily available data: thus making half of its extended schema useless.

Everyone seems to obsessed by the origins of OpenDDR I haven’t seen any legitimate questions or answers about how effective it is, how sustainable it is going forward, or indeed about the credentials and history of the people running it. Those practical things matter.