None of what I said was hostile.
And, while it certainly came out of frustration at your complete unwillingness to answer the questions that so many people wanted you to address directly, it was almost entirely the result of disbelief about the whole situation.

Nothing about this situation makes sense to me, a current outsider, and you’re not helping that fact by claiming I (or others) am being openly hostile towards you.

Even now, you’re avoiding the core questions that everyone in this thread has asked you to answer clearly.

As for your last line – you have never done anything to me. I have nothing against you.
I *do* have something against dishonesty, or avoiding answering questions (potentially making you appear to be dishonest)

And finally, (as I presume you already knew), I was a core developer on DeviceAtlas for a number of years, until summer of last year, when I left to pursue other challenges.
It’s because of my history with device detection that I’m so interested in what’s going on here. I may not be in that space anymore, but I find the whole problem (and potential solutions) fascinating.

Seeing a small, open source, free player being DMCA’d out of existence made me sit up and take notice. Your (and Scientia’s) stance has made me pay attention to it more closely.

If OpenDDR were doing something illegal, then fine.
But everything you’ve presented here by way of explanation implies that you/Scientia are the ones who are doing something shady, and you flat out refuse to address this criticism head on, relying instead on complaining about seemingly hostile comments, apparently directed at you personally.