Daniel, are you seriously asking why I claim hostility?

In this case, I will let a selection of tweets *you* directed to me over the past few days speak for themselves:

“I’ve just discovered the current shitwar between @OpenDDR & @luca_passani over ‘illegal activities’. Absolutely incredible stuff.”

“@luca_passani Er, it’s clearly about protecting Scientia, not about protecting the (wurfl) data itself @openddr”

“So @luca_passani says he can’t comment because his lawyers said not to. Absolute bullshit. If you can’t plainly explain the …. /@OpenDDR”

“… reason for being so aggressive against a free, seemingly legit operation like @OpenDDR, then stop being so vocal in public @luca_passani”

“There’s little I hate more, than hiding behind ‘the lawyers say shush’. Ugh. This while situation is a complete farce @luca_passani”

“Wow – the WURFL/@scientiamobile/@openddr pissing match hit slashdot. And @luca_passani seems to be taking some flak for the whole debacle”

“The Wurfl/@scientiamobile/@OpenDDR debacle just took an interesting turn, with @luca_passani refusing to discuss the infringing data /@edent”

“I don’t see how @luca_passani can spin this positively. He&@scientiamobile are clearly doing the wrong thing. Being open&honest is important”

“For those wondering what I’m on about: http://shkspr.mobi/blog/index.php/2012/01/wurfl-and-database-copyright/#comment-15448 @luca_passani responds to unhappy people regarding @scientiamobile/@OpenDDR”

And all of this, after I had amply explained how openddr is an anonymous initiative aimed at harming WURFL and ScientiaMobile.

BTW, one day you will need to explain to me what I did to you. Did you also work for VodafoneUK or Novarra at some point?