Thank you again for the comments. If one is only interested in licensing the data, then they can chose any platform. This is not going to change the licensing price anyway (there’s no discount in only wanting the data. The spirit is always the same of not incentivizing ‘diverging’ implementations). btw, if one is the creator of a Perl/Python/Ruby WURFL API and is willing to do whatever it takes to implement the same logic that is in the standard API, please feel free to ping me offline, because we are interested in talking to you.

wrt the new licensing being a show-stopper, I see plenty of software products/projects that will direct you to third-party sites to download this or that component, which is not directly bundable, but can be obtained elsewhere.

Finally, I added a FAQ entry where we mention that non-profit/governmental may obtain discounted/gratis licenses, provided that an explanation is provided.