Thank you Terence. Only a couple of comments. The ScientiaMobile standard WURFL APIs come with a dual licensing model AGPL and ScientiaMobile custom license.

The repository comes with our own custom licenses (one for the public snapshot and one for the licensed version) which is not AGPL, albeit users of the AGPL version (who in compliance with the terms of AGPL, of course) are allowed to use the public snapshot.

> The answer is simple. You can’t.

well, we think we can. And this is exactly what we are trying to do. The implication of what you write is that one necessarily has to choose side: either go commercial black box or blithely accept that others will freely take and confine yourself to the world of services.
What we are trying to do (let me write it in US English…)…what we WILL do, is show the world that there is a third way in the middle and that one can legitimately sell open code and open data to entities for which openness represents a great value proposition.

Thank you