We got many pings asking us to respond to OpenDDR’s posting. We are not going to do it. ScientiaMobile has already expressed its position multiple times. Not only do we not have an obligation to answer them here, but we would be naive if we did in such a hostile environment.

Having said this, I would like to make a point clear: we are not OK being represented as a big evil corporation, which is what some postings on Slashdot implied.
We are neither big nor evil. 10 years of work with WURFL and its community vouch for that. WURFL users have recognized the passion and the dedication that I and Steve have placed in delivering WURFL and they understand that the previous model was not sustainable, hence the support for the ScientiaMobile move that we have received all the way from its inception.

Far from being a big evil corporation, ScientiaMobile is a start-up that tries to make Richard Stallman’s dream come true: work for a company that produces Software Libre. Of course, going from dream to reality is not for the faint of heart, but we try…

Now, Let’s try to be constructive here. I want to talk about ScientiaMobile and I want to talk about how ScientiaMobile could do something that the larger community of developers would appreciate, while keeping our business model alive. Of course, I would like to hear honest reasonable opinions. Good, fast and free of charge is not an option.

So, here are the questions for you:

In your opinion, what would a fair business model be for ScientiaMobile and WURFL?

is there something that we can do that would be welcome by the community while not totally destructive of our business model?

How can we achieve our objective of a commercial FOSS offering that will preserve the value of open code and open data to licensees, without having to fear that someone will copy and squander our investment?

Before you answer, please consider this: running a 6 people company in the US means having a revenue of *at least* $500k per year. There is no way one can make $500k on voluntary donations.

Opinions that are both honest and reasonable will be taken in serious consideration.

Thank you

Luca Passani
CTO @ScientiaMobile