Oh, and in case it got forgotten in the progress of this debate, the April 2011 and July 2011 snapshots apparently have slightly different licenses. According to the open letter published by OpenDDR, the April 2011 license reads as follows (hopefully I did the quote correctly this time):

Dear Developer, the WURFL file contains information about the
capabilities of mobile devices, capabilities and features.
The main scope of this file is to collect as
many information as we can about all the existing wireless devices
that access mobile pages so that developers will be able to build better
applications and better services for the users.
This project is open-source and is intended for developers working
with the WAP environment. All the information listed here has been
collected by many different people from many different
countries. You are allowed to use WURFL in any of your applications,
free or commercial. The only thing required is to make public any
modification to this file, following the original
spirit and idea of the creators of this project. This will help WURFL
to grow better and better every day. The use of WURFL is at your own risk,
there is no warranty that all agents and
capabilities are correct. All the information, as stated, has been gathered
by many users from many places around the world and as such there is
no guarantee about the reliability of this
information. Post any noteworthy modification and comment
to the file on the WMLProgramming mailing list on Yahoo Groups:
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/wmlprogramming/ Alternatively,
you can mail your modification to Luca Passani,
the WURFL maintainer, at passani at eunet dot no

Most notably, the license pertaining to the version OpenDDR claims to have used does not even contain the passage you suspect to possibly be the basis of the accusation, as stated by the open letter.