There is an expression in Italy: “Metterci la faccia”, i.e. if you believe in what you say, stand up by it and show everyone your pretty face.
This is exactly what you are not doing. Who are you? what is your connection to WURFL or OpenDDR?

Granted, this is the Internet, a little intellectual challenge can legitimately come from anonymous users. But we are way past that stage here. We have a company, ScientiaMobile, which has invested massively to make WURFL a sustainable FOSS project, supported by the sale of GPL exceptions. We have an anonymous entity (OpenDDR) which is scientifically trying to sabotage that effort by misappropriating ScientiaMobile’s intellectual property. At this stage, we are not going to play funny thought games any more.

We want to know who OpenDDR is and get to the end of this. For the record, OpenDDR announced the availability of their product without mentioning WURFL on their website, while, at the same time, advertising that OpenDDR will ‘screw’ WURFL in conferences and on Twitter.

Did they come to us and ask for permission about this operation and clarification of what they could and could not do with older versions of the repository? No, they did not. They just tried to discover loopholes in our licensing structure and exploit them. This is a fully-fledged cyber attack and we are taking it very seriously.

So, the answer to your question is “no comment”

Luca Passani
CTO @ ScientiaMobile