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We claim that DDR is infringing our copyright. Since the OpenDDR gang hide themselves under a cloack of anonymity, I don’t understand how anyone can demand that ScientiaMobile explains anything to them.
If one is so confident of their position, why not come forward and stand by it?
Why aren’t you demanding that OpenDDR comes forward?

The WURFL API is licensed under AGPL. An FSF and OSI approved license.
But that’s not all: legitimate users of our AGPL-licensed API can use our public snapshot. We tried to be super-fair to the community.

If AGPL doesn’t work for you, but the problem is money, drop us an email, explain and we will grant you a discounted (or even free-of-charge) commercial license.

If the problem is that, according to someone, FOSS must necessarily mean free-of-charge, that’s your problem. We disagree.
RMS himself has confirmed that there is nothing wrong with selling GPL-exceptions.

In general, maintaining WURFL requires hiring programming resources and paying their salaries.
As I have explained multiple times, the default trajectory for WURFL with the old model was a slow and painful death, since nobody (well, very few) were paying a dime for it. ScientiaMobile is injecting new life into WURFL for the advantage of everyone who finds value in it (did I mention that nobody is forced to use WURFL?). The overwhelming majority of long-time WURFL users are cheering for the change and congratulating us. Of course, you can’t make everyone happy.

But there is one point in what you wrote that particularly bugs me:

> If you improve your database you will be able to restrict
> access to the improvements, but you have the rest of the world
> to compete against hacking on your freely licensed original,
> and after the political disaster of this foolish takedown nobody
> will be beating a path to your door.

Do you really stand by to what you just wrote? the implications of this is that one either belongs to the world of corporate software manufacturing (software = black box, guarded by lawyers) or one has no rights and everyone else is entitled to steal their work. Do you steal apples from stalls when you go to the market?

ScientiaMobile is exploring an intermediate model where the power of open code and open data is preserved for commercial adopters, while an economic model is preserved for those who invest their time and money in delivering a good product. OpenDDR is anonymously trying to disrupt this in ways that (contrarily to what they claim) are not legitimate. We find that very arrogant and we will fight that as much as we can.

Other comments have already pointed to ways one can create a FOSS DDR that does not steal from WURFL illegitimately. If OpenDDR was in good faith, it would know which direction to take…

Luca Passani
CTO @ ScientiaMobile