Thanks for your comment.

No one disputes that OpenDDR copied WURFL.

What I am saying is that your licence specifically allowed and encouraged them to do so.

Was WURFL under GPL? Yes.
Does GPL allow anyone to copy? Yes.
You requested that anyone publish their changes. Did OpenDDR? Yes.

So what exactly is the problem?

Or do you claim that OpenDDR copied your AGPL code?

If so, again, what is the problem with OpenDDR distributing as FOSS?

Finally, while you may not remember it, you waged an extremely personal and nasty campaign against me and my colleagues when I worked for Vodafone UK’s mobile web team.

I understood and sympathised with your position on transcoding, but there was absolutely no need to whip up such a level of vitriol.

Thanks once again for your comment – I look forward to answers to the above questions.