Eden, I am very tempted to answer point by point, but my legal counsel strongly advises against it. Suffice it to say that you reconstruction contains plenty of mistakes and inaccuracies.

Everyone who has looked at Openddr agrees that Openddr copied WURFL hands down: data and vocabulary. Since I and Steve have dedicated several years of our lives (and used our own economic resources) creating and maintaining the project, I am not sure why anyone would find it surprising that we are protecting our investment. In fact, we tried to be as much as possible fair to WURFL users by not forcing anyone to upgrade overnight and leaving adopters plenty of time to decide whether to keep using WURFL or look for alternative solutions.

OpenDDR is a different animal. Whoever is behind the initiatives (they are anonymous in case you have not noticed) is scientifically trying to work around IP protection laws to fork WURFL illegitimately and give a start-up in its infancy a hard life.

In this context, ScientiaMobile’s reaction is simply the least one can expect. Please remember that it’s Intellectual Property (copyright mainly) that creates the foundation for FOSS and commercial software alike. ScientiaMobile is proudly exploring a new way to do commercial Open Source. A model where the advantage of open source code and open repository is passed on to WURFL licensees, for ease of integration and maintenance. Any developer just needs to think of the implications of working with closed-source software and systems to understand the huge advantage of this. The attempt to steal from a FOSS project because one doesn’t like the license is ethically despicable, even before it is illegitimate.

Finally, I am annoyed by your comment that I disrespected you, when in fact I have no idea of what you are talking about.

Luca Passani
CTO @ ScientiaMobile