Brilliant! Bigger Battery Boosts Business

You may have heard of "Range Anxiety". It's the worry that your car will run out of petrol before you have a chance to find a filling station. I have "power anxiety" - the crushing realisation that my smartphone's battery will be dead by lunchtime if I use it for more than five minutes.

Over to Ben Smith:

... a frequent complaint is that we don’t want thinner phones. We’d rather manufacturers used space savings to provide larger batteries. You know… ones that last more than a day like they used to.
Wireless Worker

Damn straight! Do I care if my phone is a bit thicker if it means I can go all day without a charge? No. No I do not.

My Samsung Galaxy S barely gets half a day of "real" use. I tend to browse the web for an hour while commuting, listen to music over BlueTooth, make a few calls and texts, FourSquare, and take a few photos. Come lunchtime the phone is whimpering in the corner just begging to be plugged into a USB socket. So, I either have to keep my phone sucking at the teat of my laptop, or severely curtail my usage. Unacceptable.

So, I bought myself an extended battery for the SGS. Specifically, the CostMad Samsung Galaxy S i9000 3500mAh Extreme Extended High Capacity Quality Spare Replacement Backup Battery with Battery Back Rear Cover Case. Quite a mouthful, but here's how the wee beastie looks:
SGS Extended Battery

Total cost? £9. Less than a tenner from some random factory in the Far East.

Now, the first thing that you'll notice is that the battery is so massive that it requires a new backplate. It bulks up the phone, but does have some advantages.
SGS Extended Battery Profile

It feels heftier. The weight isn't very different from the original, but it feels more solid. The slippery and flimsy backplate is replaced by a rubberised and solid case which fits snuggly.

I let the battery charge while the phone was off. Once done, I proceeded to use it as normal. At the end of the day, this was the result.
Battery 8 Hours

Whoa! 8 hours of, if anything, heavier than usual use and I'm still have over half of my battery power available.

So, I went home, browsed the web, watched some YouTube, played some games, and generally tried to force the battery into submission.
Battery 10 Hours

By this time my regular battery would have been dead and buried, but this one just kept going!

Get One Now!

I could never buy a phone with a non-removable battery unless I was sure that it was of sufficient capacity to keep me going throughout the day. Sure, you can buy portable chargers, solar chargers, even hand cranked chargers - but that's just a stop-gap as far as I am concerned.

I could keep my phone plugged in - but that rather defeats the purpose of a "mobile" phone.
As I head off to Mobile World Congress, a battery like this is a must.

Some Notes On Testing

  • I'm running a beta build of ICS. That may not be particularly well optimised.
  • I keep my screen brightness on lowest rather than auto.
  • I'm usually in WiFi coverage.
  • I have push notifications for Gmail and Exchange set on.

2 thoughts on “Brilliant! Bigger Battery Boosts Business

  1. Its been said I suffer from battery paranoia, having always got the ability to charge a mobile

    Totally concur and for those who are the iPhone with its non removable battery take a look at the Mophie juice pack air and plus, which achieve exactly the same effect. Meaning like me you can leave your hotspot on and everything else on and still get through a long day with battery to spare!

    When all else fails take a look at the TeckNet iEP380 5000mAh battery packs from Amazon for juicing up your tablet and mobile phone!

  2. Alert! Activating awful alliteration awareness alarm.

    There doesn't seem to be an equivalent battery for my Desire HD; but the TeckNet iEP380 5000mAh battery packs mentioned by Kieran are currently reduced to £19.98 on Amazon; or there's a 7000mAh version for £22.98 (weighing 249g & 299g respectively).

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