Woody Allen Challenge

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Woody Allen by David Shankbone

As I watched Woody Allen's latest film - Midnight in Paris - I realised that there are so many films of his that I haven't seen.

So, I have a brand new resolution for 2012.

  • Watch every single film Woody Allen has made.
  • In chronological order.
  • Posting reviews on this blog.

Woody has made over 40 films - so I'll be aiming to watch one per week over the next year.

I'll be watching all the films he has directed and - where possible - those he has written.

Let's go!

4 thoughts on “Woody Allen Challenge

  1. I think my favourite is "Sleeper".... but the Diane Keaton ones are all v. good

  2. Oh I forgot Dr Strangelove ..... that is the classic

  3. Fabio Daniele says:

    Nice choice, man. You will love em!


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