Woody Allen Challenge 1966 – What’s Up Tiger Lilly?

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I’m watching all of Woody Allen’s films in chronological order.

What's_Up,_Tiger_Lily?I’ll confess, I tried watching What’s Up Tiger Lilly a few years ago. I didn’t get more than 40 minutes into it before switching it off in a mixture of boredom and disgust.

I’m not sure who first came up with the idea of revoicing a movie – making snarky comments about the action on screen – but this is one of the most influential and successful.

How it became so successful is entirely a mystery to me. For a comedy film, it is almost utterly devoid of jokes.

One thing I do when I’m watching comedies which I don’t find funny is to count the number of jokes I think there are supposed to be. If there are jokes that I don’t find funny – that’s ok, we all have a different sense of humour. But this is a comedy film which goes minutes without a single identifiable joke.

The main problem is that the original film has large stretches without dialogue. Rather than edit this down, the audience is left watching “action” on screen which is simply dull.

What few jokes there are range from pretty decent to annoying and repetitive – but it’s not enough to sustain the film.

You can buy “What’s Up With Tiger Lily?” from Amazon, but I really wouldn’t bother.

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