The Perfect Phone

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After the disaster that was my experience with the Nokia Lumia and the rather underwhelming time I had with the BlackBerry Torch, I've been thinking a lot about what my perfect phone would be.

I think I've found it...

Perfect Phone

My Photoshop skills are legendary!

Here are the things that I want - no one platform covers them all, so I've nicked the best bits from each.


Here's what BlackBerry provides that is missing on other phones.

Physical Keyboard

This is the big one. I've tried all of the touchscreen keyboards out there - nothing comes close to the physical click of keys.

I'm aware of a few Androids which have a keyboard - but they tend to be older models or underpowered and aimed at the teenage text market.
The Dell WP7 phone has a keyboard, but appears to have been abandoned by Dell.

Start up speed.

You never really switch a BB off, it just sleeps. That gives it a phenomenal start-up speed. When you shut it down, it also tells you when it's planning to wake up - either due to an alarm, calendar, or because you set an "auto on" timer.

WP7 does have a very fast boot time - much speedier than that of Android. But there's no auto-on / auto-off feature.

Deep Twitter Integration

I can't believe no other phone has this. If I receive an email which contains a hashtag or @name, I can click on it and my Twitter client opens up. Same in calendar, documents, and (ISTR) web pages. Even if the text isn't linked it was clickable.

Spell Cheque & Auto Text

Spell checking is available on WP7 - but not to the same degree as BlackBerry. The auto-text feature on BB is brilliant, I can type a short code and text is automatically filled.

  • dt - prints the current time & date, perfect for note taking
  • sig - prints my standard contact details
  • ht - (one I created) prints the hashtag of the event I'm following


Android is my main device. It's not without its deficiencies - but here are the bits I wish others would copy.

Time of Day Email

Perhaps the best feature of the Samsung Galaxy S - and not something I've seen elsewhere. I can set a peak and off-peak schedule for my work email.

At 1800 during the week I stop getting work email - and it all comes through at 0800 the next morning. During the weekend, I get no work email. This is one of the major features which keeps me on Android.


I've ripped all my CDs to FLAC. I hate the fact that I have to transcode all my music in order to listen to it on a portable device. All the high end Android phones I've tried play FLAC natively.


I like the fact that I'm not tied down by the operating system. If I want to replace the lock screen, the email client, the web browser, I can. And I do.

If the device manufacturer abandons my phone, there's a huge hacker community who can keep it running.


I've not had the greatest success with a Windows Phone - but there are some elements that I love.


The Metro Interface is amazing. It's fast and fluid and generally really well laid out.


I found the camera to be very responsive - both at focussing and snapping. The integrated QR scanner was also a cut above the rest.


Media hype / Coolness

It's a little depressing that all the media and developer attention is focussed on a minority platform like iPhone. Just for once, I'd like a cool game like Whale Trail to come out first on something other than iOS.


  • Lanyard hook. Ever since smashing my BlackBerry, I've worn a lanyard strap.
  • Front facing camera. I'm the only one I know who likes video calling.
  • Trackpad. Even the best touch screen can't get the fine grained accuracy of a touch pad.
  • Removable storage. I like being able to choose how much I carry with me.
  • Mass storage. I'm not always at a computer where I can install "media transfer" software. I just want to be able to plug in a USB lead and copy what I need.
  • Call recording. Must admit - never had a phone that can easily do this. Always wanted it though!
  • Removable battery. When the going gets tough, I don't want to have to be chained to a wall-wart. The ability to buy higher capacity batteries is also handy.

What Hath Thou Wrought?

Essentially, I've created Homer's Car - a monstrosity no one other than me could love.

So, tell me what would be in your perfect phone?

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Phone

  1. Narutobux says:

    Hi Terence Eden, your post above very useful for me. But I still love nokia provider cause my nokia smart phone's very easy to navigate

  2. Last week I started using a Motorola Pro Plus which replaced 3 Motorola Milestones each of which had failed for various reasons (keyboard firing doubles; camera stopped working). The Pro Plus seems to have quite a few of your essential features. No lanyard attachment though.

    1. Wow! The Pro Plus looks amazing. And, at under £300 not a bad price.

      Sure I can find a case which will have a lanyard point.

      Looks like I know what I'm getting for Xmas 🙂

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