Review: Howl's Moving Castle

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Gobsmacked. This was the first piece of theatre in ages which left me open mouthed throughout. But let me start at the beginning…. I’d only vaguely heard of Howl’s Moving Castle before I saw the Southwark Playhouse’s latest show – although, to judge from the audience, it attracts fanatically devoted readers. Entering Southwark’s vault is…

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Windows Phone 7's QR Scanner

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I think that WP7 is one of the first phone operating systems which natively has a QR scanner built in. It’s rather hidden – you have to go in to search (not camera) then click the eye icon. However, it is one of the fastest and most accurate scanners I’ve ever used. It knocks Android…

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Linux Spotify Keybindings

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Hurrah! Spotify have released a native Linux player which works with free accounts! These notes show (which are mostly for my benefit) show you how to install it and configure your multimedia keyboard so the play/pause key controls the music on Spotify. Download Spotify for Linux. It’s available in 32bit or 64bit. Double click on…

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The Perfect Phone

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After the disaster that was my experience with the Nokia Lumia and the rather underwhelming time I had with the BlackBerry Torch, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my perfect phone would be. I think I’ve found it… My Photoshop skills are legendary! Here are the things that I want – no one platform…

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Occupy QR Codes

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I was tweeted an interesting link the other day – We Don’t Make Demands. They have a set of posters for the “Occupy Movement” which incorporate QRpedia codes. These posters were designed by participants at the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City. They are in the public domain. You are welcome to print…

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Lumia Review

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It was the best of phones – it was the worst of phones… I want to start this review by saying three things: I got this phone for free – thanks Nokia! I’m an extremely demanding mobile user. I recognise that I am an edge-case; what I find annoying, you may not. I’ve tried to…

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How To Prevent QR Hijacking

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QR-jacking is the act of covering up a QR code and replacing it with an alternative – often malicious – code. Your carefully crafted code could be replaced by one which… Points to a rival’s site. Calls a premium rate phone number. Redirects the user to a site which EXPOSES THE TRUTH BEHIND… Goes to…

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