Dear Terence,
Excellent review! I confess I have the very same frustrations as you (and some more!) about Nokia Lumia 800 (just received it as a Christmas present).
Oh, I already miss my good old friend Nokia Xpress Music...
It's so annoying that such basic things such as closing/ exiting pages does not exist in WP7... or that there is no option for meeting/ silent!
I also have a bad tooth against the idea of live tiles at any price!
Maybe I want them still, not moving and changing all the time, and showing all my contacts faces etc.!
Maybe I want them smaller/ re-sizeable!
And the audio options are crap too! God, the volume is a pain - even if I leave the volume set at the lowest level (1/30), the sound is still howling in my ears whilst listening to music or radio.
Let alone the fact there is no option for sound equaliser, mode etc. - but these are already a matter of finesse which Nokia Lumia lacks greatly.
I have to look for applications, maybe there are some out there compatible with an Windows phone, to fix all these awful issues that Nokia Lumia bestowed upon us.
Any suggestions would be more than welcome!