Thanks for the comment. My remarks about the Nokia "highlights" were that - to me - it looks like a different store. And that's it's extremely poorly made - take a look at the photo and tell me that looks like it has been tested.

Regarding the need for a computer. BlackBerry doesn't need it, Android doesn't need it, even iPhone has done away with the need to be tied to a computer. It seems like a step backwards to me.

On your final point. Is a business going to buy its employees a device which prominently features "XBOX" on the front page? Is a gamer really going to care about the BA app or the Excel client?
Far better - I think - to release a "Lumia Office" and a "Lumia Gamer" SKU. One loaded with business apps which de-emphasises the gaming aspect, the other full of Ministry of Sound apps and their ilk.

Sorry for appearing whiny; I have a cold 😉