Kneel Before Your QR Master

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You know what I love about the streets of London? The pavements are so clean. Many is the time I crawl around on my hands and knees – rubbing my trousers into the walkways of my beloved city. Hardly anyone kicks me up the arse, either.

You feel the same way too, don’t you?

What? You don’t? But… but….

What else could explain the advertising industry’s love of putting QR codes as close to the floor as possible?

Be Careful What You Wish For

Of course, if going too low is bad…

2 thoughts on “Kneel Before Your QR Master

  1. Mark Pack says:

    Perhaps the QR codes are there for the urban foxes? Just the right height from them.

  2. Bonnie says:

    A smart lesson for the ad people and graphic designers among us! Not all posters and billboards are displayed at eye level. Doh!!! I love this QR-code-for-QR-code-sake stuff though. Nicely done!

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