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Back when I worked for them, I was (partly) responsible for some of Vodafone UK's "Content Control" systems. I didn't like the system then, and I don't like them now.

I understand the need that network operators have to protect themselves from bad headlines and give people some control over what they see online. What I dislike is the way it has been implemented.

On trying to access Untappd on my mobile, I got the following error:

Vodafone Content Control

Which, when zoomed in, gives me this:
Vodafone Content Control Zoom

Let's count the ways this is unhelpful...

  1. Non-mobile friendly site! Loses extra points as you'd expect a mobile company to get this right.
  2. Formatting is screwy. Take a look at the source of the page.
  3. Why don't Vodafone say who my "mobile service provider" is? They know if it's them or an MVNO.
  4. How do I contact Vodafone from this page? Where's the click to call link?
  5. Why can't I switch off content control from here? A link through to Vodafone live or some other service so I can change my preferences.
  6. Drinking beer while under 18 is not illegal. Given that the Vodafone Content Control is designed to prevent under-18s from seeing "unsuitable"content, why is it blocking an alcohol site?

    It is not illegal for a person under 18 to drink alcohol at home or at a friend’s house. Parents can choose to give young people some of their own alcohol when at home.

If pages have to be blocked - at least redirect to a useful page like this:
Vodafone Content Control mobile
(I may be biased, I helped to create My Web and My Account).

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