QRpedia in Russia

The "Wiki Loves Monuments" project in Russia has been featured on Russian TV. Check out the QRpedia codes!

Russian QRpedia TV

You can see all the articles (and their QRpedia codes) - there is also a list of articles which need translating.

QRpedia's Name

There is some confusion about QRpedia's name.

The answer is very simple. The "pedia" isn't from "Encyclopedia". It isn't from "Wikipedia". It's an acronym.

  • P - Potentially
  • E - Every
  • D - Device
  • I - Interlanguage
  • A - Access

The "QR", of course, standing for "Quick Response".

I hope that clears up the matter 😉

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One thought on “QRpedia in Russia

  1. To clarify; the above is a humorous backronym.

    The "pedia" comes from "Wikipedia" - which, itself, derives from Encyclopedia.

    This is because, currently, QRpedia only works with Wikipedia. There are plans to make it work with other data-sources, but that's some way off.

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