Photos: Student Protests

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As the Student Protests were starting outside my office door, I decided to pop down and see what was going on.

I nominally joined in and took this selection of some of the more humorous signs I found.

The photos seemed to go down well on Twitter - this one had 15,000 views and

reached at least 26,000 users. If you're interested in using / licensing them, please use the high resolution images on Demotix.

Don't shoot, we're unarmed

If I wanted to be shot I'd be playing Call of duty.

Cameron, how much did you pay when you went to Oxford?

This would never have happened at Hogwarts.

Cuts. With an N written between the U and T.

Tory Farce kiss my arse and Dangerous to be right.

I'm Greek & I'm pissed.

Up with this I will not put.

The left is dead. Long live the left.

Y U No Fund Our Future?

Stop marketising social goods.

I drink Starbucks. I don't count.

You make Reddit unhappy.

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