Photos: Student Protests

by @edent | # # # # # #

As the Student Protests were starting outside my office door, I decided to pop down and see what was going on.

I nominally joined in and took this selection of some of the more humorous signs I found.

The photos seemed to go down well on Twitter – this one had 15,000 views and reached at least 26,000 users. If you’re interested in using / licensing them, please use the high resolution images on Demotix.

Don't shoot, we're unarmed #9nov on Twitpic

If i wanted to be shot I'd be playing Call of duty #9nov on Twitpic

Cameron, how much did you pay when you went to Oxford? #9nov on Twitpic

This would never have happened at Hogwarts #9nov on Twitpic

Cuts #9nov on Twitpic

Tory Farce / Dangerous to be right #9nov on Twitpic

I'm Greek & I'm pissed #9nov on Twitpic

Father Ted school of protest #9nov on Twitpic

The left is dead. Long live the left #9nov on Twitpic

Y U NO FUND OUR FUTURE #9nov on Twitpic

Stop Verbing Nouns #9nov on Twitpic

I drink Starbucks. I don't count. #9nov on Twitpic

You make Reddit unhappy #9nov (sorry for the low quality) on Twitpic

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