Photos: Student Protests

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I drink Starbucks. I don't count.

As the Student Protests were starting outside my office door, I decided to pop down and see what was going on. I nominally joined in and took this selection of some of the more humorous signs I found. The photos seemed to go down well on Twitter - this one had 15,000 views and Father…

Copyright Strikes Again!

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In my last post, I was talking about generating new cards for the fantastic game "Ex Libris". I emailed the manufacturers to see if they had any objections - and to see if they were releasing any updates. With their kind permission, I'm posting their reply in full. Dear Mr Eden, We are delighted that…

New Cards for Ex Libris

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Ex libris is a wonderful game. No - better than that - it's a beautiful game. Here are the rules: Everyone has to write the opening line of a novel, based on the novel's summary. One player has the real opening line to copy down. One other player (the guesser) has to guess which of…

QRpedia in Indianapolis Woman Magazine

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Lori Philips has been interviewed by the Indianapolis Woman Magazine. A great article discussing the role of the Wikipedian in residence and how QRpedia codes have taken off there.

QRpedia Video

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Beautiful video about the work Derby Museum has been doing with Wikipedia & QRpedia. Derby Museum using multilingual QR codes from Andrew James Sykes on Vimeo. In 2011 Wikipedians wrote and translated 1200 new articles to allow the museums objects to read in over a dozen languages using QRpedia codes.

Fixing Spotify In Wine - Remove Facebook

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For the last few weeks I've been unable to run Spotify in Linux using WINE. I was continually getting a crash with this error message: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000068 at address 0x7bc34e57 After lots of fruitless digging around, I discovered that the issue is with the Facebook integration! The fix is…

Leaving Klout

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According to faux-influence-measument site, Klout, I was influential on Verizon Droid Stock Market Hotels Errr.....? What? If you're following me on Twitter for any of the above, perhaps you'd like to consider your life choices. So, I opted-out of Klout. Their opt-out page is full of feel-good nonsense to try and convince people not to…

QRpedia in Russia

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The "Wiki Loves Monuments" project in Russia has been featured on Russian TV. Check out the QRpedia codes! You can see all the articles (and their QRpedia codes) - there is also a list of articles which need translating. QRpedia's Name There is some confusion about QRpedia's name. @QRpedia please answer me, QRpedia = QR…

A Year In The Life

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As I start another gruelling month of blog posts for NaBloPoMo, it strikes me that I've had an incredibly busy year. 12 months ago, I was working at IPC Media - doing all sorts of interesting mobile stuff for them. Launching around 28 mobile versions of their existing websites. I then went and joined WAC…

Why Hoax Emails Refuse To Die

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A rather persistent hoax has been floating around blogs, Facebook, and Twitter recently. The "warning" alleges that a company put a flier through your letterbox claiming that they were unable to deliver a parcel - and that you need to contact them on 0906 6611911. Apparently this will immediately charge your phone £315. Before we…