Leaving Klout

According to faux-influence-measument site, Klout, I was influential on

  • Verizon Droid
  • Stock Market
  • Hotels

Errr.....? What? If you're following me on Twitter for any of the above, perhaps you'd like to consider your life choices.

So, I opted-out of Klout.

Their opt-out page is full of feel-good nonsense to try and convince people not to remove their own profile. It didn't work on me. They asked for my reasons for leaving, and this is what I told them:

Three reasons.
1) You think I'm influential about things that I've never tweeted about (Stock market? Verizon?)
2) I didn't ask to sign up.
3) It's taken you too long to offer this opt-out. If I'd known from the start I could have opted out, I would have been fairly relaxed. The fact that you've resisted for so long to offer the opt-out makes me think you're not trustworthy.

I am indebted to LoudMouthMan for taking Klout to task. I'm sure that without his persistence, Klout would still be peddling lies about me.

For a good overview of why "influence measument" site like Klout don't really work, read The Fallacy of Presumed Influence by Jonathan Macdonald.

3 thoughts on “Leaving Klout

  1. I just wrote about Klout and all the uproar about changing algorithms! I hadn't noticed that it had me down for being influential about anything that I wasn't, but I won't be dictated to by an algorithm about how I will or will not find interesting (OK, I have no choice on Google, but I do on social media!)

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