A Year In The Life

As I start another gruelling month of blog posts for NaBloPoMo, it strikes me that I've had an incredibly busy year.

12 months ago, I was working at IPC Media - doing all sorts of interesting mobile stuff for them. Launching around 28 mobile versions of their existing websites.

I then went and joined WAC for a few months, going off to MWC, and really getting stuck in to their standards processes.

I am currently at InMobi - the world's largest independent mobile advertising network - where I work as the "Developer Community Manager". Primarily for Europe, but also bits in Africa and the USA.
(As ever, this blog is mine and doesn't reflect the views of my employers. If you want to, you can read my work blog.)

I've also been doing a bit of consulting for a wide range of clients - the Natural History Museum, B&Q, the FCO, and some smaller organisations.

Aside from working and running my own business, I've also been attending debates in the House of Commons, jetting off to South Africa, San Francisco, and ... errr ... Cologne!

I've helped launch QRpedia - which has been a fantastic experience.

Dabr is also going from strength to strength.

So, a busy year behind me. From the way things are going, looks to be a busy one ahead of me 🙂

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