Let me make a nice and clean, non scientific statement.

I’ve been suffering from SAD since i know the alphabet. I’ve never enjoyed the christmas time without thinking over it till it nearly burned. I’ve been using Valkee since a month now and somehow the world is as clear as it is in the spring or summer time. I’m looking forward to the christmas time and feel good. Haven’t had a downer since i starting using it, save for the moment i had a nice 60 hour work week for supper with a partying all weekend for desert. Yes i had a downer that week but saw it trough. I’m thinking clearly, feeling good and handing the stuff i need.

I dont need a paper or graphics of scientific proof to know (knowing not in a scientific way 😉 ) i feel mentally and physically better with Valkee than without it. The brain is a complicated piece of engineering. A scientist can claim something right that may be proven wrong in the future. This works both ways.

If something works, it’s for you. If it doesn’t, than its probably not for you. This little piece of (i agree expensive) engineering works for me.