Since the above posting, I’ve been contacted by various Valkee staffers or marketers, who have directly accused Terence of being a Troll, of not understanding the science, or patent issues. Now calling someone a troll is to say they deliberately set out to antagonise. I just don’t see that in the above questions from Terence. And I don’t think any reasonable person would either. The Valkee team are seeing what they want to see, and refusing to answer the well-put questions. Deciding to stick your fingers in your ears and shout “LALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU” doesn’t make the questions go away, Timo, it just makes your silence even more deafening.

I think we can all agree that SAD and other issues brought on by seasonal changes are a serious matter. Every year many people die or have their lives irrevocably altered through SAD-induced depression/suicide, falling asleep at the wheel, operating machinery etc. So the Valkee promise to increase alertness and offer “total symptoms relief” is a very serious claim, which should not be ignored by the health authorities or indeed any company or government operating vehicles/machinery/staff at high or low latitudes.

Recently a cancer drug trial – that is, a test on an *unproven* drug – was halted, because it showed just 30% effectiveness. It was considered *unethical* to continue having shown such clear evidence of benefits, when the placebo participants were not going to benefit from the life-prolonging drug. More here:

If, as they claim, Valkee has proof that 92% of SAD-induced depression victims can have their symptoms “totally” relieved ( ), surely it beholds everyone involved to release these findings now for the medical fraternity to quickly review and act upon. People are seriously debilitated and some die form depression-induced suicide every_single_day. Valkee, you must do the right thing. Publish your 92% effectiveness data now. Let everyone share in the benefits of your technology, with a clear understanding. Let government healthcare agencies see the evidence and purchase your product for use in treating the public. i’m sure you understand that a public healthcare body cannot purchase costly equipment without proof of efficacy. You have that proof. Publish it. Change / save lives now.

Or am I just another troll? Do I not ‘understand science’? YOU made the claims. YOU stand by them. Or is Valkee and its staff/marketers happy to see people be debilitated or die from SAD while you sit on 92%-world-changing proof?