Terence –

I really need to respond to this post but I promise this is the last response. 😉 We can then continue during the first two weeks of November when the clinical trials are to be published.

1) OPN3

How do you know that no-one is replicating the results? They were published (=first people outside the team knew about them) a month ago. In one month you don’t get 10 complete human brains, ethical approval, perform studies and report them.

I know by fact that there are teams who are now doing exactly that, plus taking them further, to the brain areas not covered by our initial research plus understanding the signalling pathways. We are helping them.

Scientists understand that what what Valkee has found is revolutionary and opens a new area in science. That is interesting and will create careers. Scientists are jumping into this now.

One additional item: You should really look what Dr. Deisseroth does at MIT and how that relates to our finding. His “optogenetics” takes another approach but is surrounding the same proteins and controlling the brain with light. He won The Nature Method 2010 Award. See his work at: http://www.stanford.edu/group/dlab/optogenetics/

2) Publishing schedule

We decided to postpone into late 2011 for competitive, IPR and scientific reasons. Once we publish, the IPR window has closed. I already explained this to you in my previous reply. As I said earlier, watch the space during the first two weeks of November 2011.

We cannot “self publish” science. If you do that, no peer-reviewed journal takes your data anymore as it has been published, it is not novel anymore. This is very typical with all publications.

We can make claims that we have the data for, and 9 of 10 with total symptoms relief comes from our research that we will publish in November. In depression, “cured” typically means HAMD scores below 8, HAMD being the golden standard in depression trials by bith the EMA and the FDA.

3) Patents

I already responded to this. The whole idea of patenting is to patent before you expose the idea i.e. when you become prior art for yourself or give your invention for someone else to take.

Over and out – focusing now on making world brighter place to live.

BR, Timo from http://valkee.com