Hi Timo,

Thank you for your very polite comment. However, you haven’t actually answered the questions.

1) Your team hasn’t discovered these proteins. They only believe that they have. No one has replicated your results. Indeed, no one even seems to be working on replicating your results. Why is that?

2) I’m well aware of how long publishing takes. So are you. Yet you were saying that we would see publication in early 2011. What happened to those plans?

There’s nothing to stop you self-publishing, is there?

You also say that the one-page poster you’ve put out is “stronger than any clinical trial”. That would be a clinical trial where you claim that 90% of participants experienced total relief from depression?

Forgive my naïvety… but that sounds pretty strong.

If you are interested in convincing sceptics – not to mention scientists – why wouldn’t you publish this simple data?

3) I’m sorry that I got my dates wrong with the patent filing – but you’ve just proved my point. This device was invented long before there was any scientific proof. I’ll ask again – is it normal to patent a device before you have tested to see if it works.

I’ll leave you with a final point, if I may.

Given that no one has replicated your findings of OPN3, and given that no other clinical trials have shown this to work, and given that the total cost of materials is very cheap: do you think it is ethical to sell an unproven “medical device” for €185?

Many thanks,