I’m trying one of these out (cost-free via a friend). Would love to report I felt fabulous after a few goes on a recent longhaul trip, but I can’t. Couldn’t tell. Maybe I don’t suffer from jetlag/SAD as much as I need to to get a benefit (I worked for years as a tech doing midnight-6am shifts, so am used to sleeping when I need to), maybe it’s because I *knew* I was using it, so I may have a skeptical ‘anti-placebo’ effect going on in my melon.

My wider question is, if it did what it said on the tin, we wouldn’t have seen it as a £185 consumer device because every military, airline, maritime and SOL service in the world would have snapped it up. If a £185 device can keep the pilot of a £250M airliner/stealth bomber/supertanker more alert, wouldn’t they be *slightly* interested? Air Traffic Control? Special forces? Police? long-distance trucking firms? Hello….world…anyone?

I’m really, genuinely hoping it turns out to be true, because it could make an awful lot of people happier and safer, not just anonymous jet-set CxO’s. Still waiting, like you, for that independent double-blind controlled trial.