Personally, I think I would like the choice of language (or the wrong language). It's fundamentally annoying to be sent to content you didn't ask for. I don't especially want to learn about the Cité perdue du Kalahari in French. But I can do and the English alternatives in a search for 'the lost city of the Kalahari', though a perfectly respectable list of links are, crucially for me, not the piece of information I was actually looking for.

In general, with their greater savoir faire (and grasp of languages beyond the lingua franca - or is that English?), I would expect our imaginary French visitor to be even more comfortable with an alternative European languages than myself, with my pitifully stunted French and German.

I'm slightly more hesitant if the visitor is, say Japanese. An English alternative might be offered. What would be the next option? Is there a list out there of recommended "related" languages? What would a Russian like to see? Are Australians still encouraged to learn French or would they prefer Mandarin? I can see this could be thorny.

So option 4 isn't what I would want for myself. But perhaps it's "better for the user"? (Whatever that means!)