Jimmy Wales ♥ QRpedia

You know Jimmy Wales, right? He's the guy co-founded Wikipedia - and, possibly, its most prominent face.

So, a few days ago, he popped down to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis to see the work the museum is doing with its Wikipedian in Residence - Lori Philips.

What else did he do while he was there? Why, scanned some QRpedia codes!

J Wales TCM 002

J Wales TCM 013

ASP 4574

You can see all the photos of his visit on Wikimedia Commons.

My highly placed sources tell me that Mr Wales was highly impressed with the work the museum had done, and loved their innovative use of QRpedia.

If you'd like to get started with QRpedia - visit the main site to get started.
It's free, fast, and fantastic!

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