What's Happening With Ribbit Mobile?

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I love Ribbit Mobile's voicemail service. It's the perfect replacement for the now-defunct SpinVox. My voicemail gets transcribed (by a human or machine) - then the text is emailed and texted to me. I even get an MP3 recording for later blackmail purposes.

But today comes the news that Ribbit is shutting down. Or is it?

The email specifically says:

"this notice only refers to Ribbit Developers and does NOT impact Ribbit Mobile or Ribbit for Salesforce users"

Indeed, there are still a few signs of life. Their helpdesk status was updated at the start of the month

At the end of last month, the signature of the emails changed to say "Powered by BT Ribbit" - perhaps suggesting a relaunch?

Something is definitely up. But I don't know what. The service keeps working - but the helpdesk hasn't returned any of my calls. There are changes going on in the background - but still no word on when or if it will be relaunched.

Does anyone know for sure what's happening?

2 thoughts on “What's Happening With Ribbit Mobile?

  1. James Heaver says:

    They're going to have to announce something soon if they don't want people leaving the service. I'd been nervous about using it due to the lack of updates as it was.

  2. Ketan says:

    Pibbix is shutting down too, a service which I loved.

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