I started with a dual boot system (XP and Ubuntu 11.04 now 11.10), and little by little I’m returning to XP because so much of the software in Ubuntu is flaky.
1. Printer sort of worked with 11.04 but died with 11.10. despite re-installing drivers and upgrading kernels for weeks, no luck so I now use XP when I want to print anything.
2. Video USB capture. Nothing quite works in Ubuntu, despite lots of searching and fiddling. The XP applications work a treat.
3. Audio editing with audacity, can’t get a signal in. Back to my trusty Soundforge in XP which is trouble free.
4. Creative Audigy Paltignum card works in Ubuntu but the Creative interface box is not recognised, so it’s back to Windows XP to use this.
5. DVD authoring and MPEG editing. The Ubuntu aplications all fail at some stage, so it’s back to XP and TMPGEnc whic is superb.
6. One plus for Ubuntu is that WinFF works fine in Ubuntu but unreliably in XP.
So I still need both XP and Ubuntu, but I keep thinking Ubuntu is like a kit car, great fun and nice to drive but you need to be a full time mechanic to make it work!