OK, you *are* too stupid to use QR codes

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Earlier this week, I blogged that some people were too stupid to use QR codes.

I concluded, by saying

You’re not too stupid to understand how to make effective use of QR codes. The “commandments” are mostly just common sense.

Use QR codes wherever they seem appropriate – but make sure that they’re scannable, work for everyone who scans them, and lead somewhere useful.

Y’see – I don’t think people are too thick to use QR codes. Most of the time…

My Isle Of Wight

There’s a new campaign to encourage people to visit the Isle of Wight. A laudable campaign to be sure. Take a look at this stunning poster.MyIsleOfWight Poster on a train
There’s a QR code in the bottom left corner. Depressingly, the site isn’t very mobile friendly.
MyIsleOfWight Site
But that’s not the worst of it. Not by a long shot.

Look Closer

Take a look at the actual code they’ve used. Try to scan it – I dare you.
MyIsleOfWight QR Code


3 thoughts on “OK, you *are* too stupid to use QR codes

  1. Simon says:

    Mistakes are to be made, right? But this is a poor one, for sure.

  2. I scanned it… the fools forgot to put their extension after their domain name… they forgot the .com…

    How embarrassing… but at least they tried to put the technology to use… Right?


  3. DubbaD says:

    This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to setup a test environment first. Web developers and designers always test the product before making active/live.

    I run a few test environments even for a simple QR on a business card.

    It’s important to get it right b/c of the HIGH LEAD RETURN to be made from proactive buyers.

    Thanks for posting this. People should know how important final execution of anything can be.

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