How Long Does It Take To Fix an eBook?

Four months ago, I wrote to Waterstones about an error in an eBook I purchased from them.

I've finally received a reply...

Dear Terence,

Some time ago you contacted us regarding the following eBook title, "One of Our Thursdays is Missing (eBook): Thursday Next Series, Book 6" (ISBN: 9781444713039). We have had our eBook supplier investigate the content issue of this eBook title in conjunction with the publishers. They have confirmed that this title has been corrected.

Our suppliers have said, "We apologize for any delay that it has taken to resolve this issue. Issues with content require corrections from the publisher and can often take weeks or months to resolve.
Unfortunately the time it took to correct this issue was due to delays from the publisher and not OverDrive."

You will now be able to purchase and download the correct content for this title if you wish to do so. Please accept my apologies for the delay.

Kind regards,

In fairness, they did refund the cost of the ebook. Rather annoyingly, they revoked my access to download it again.

I realise that it must take some time to find a sober editor in a publishing company - but 12 weeks to replace one image with another really doesn't seem right.

It's sloppy errors and poor customer service like this which will kill the eBook revolution.

Or, perhaps, that's just what some publishers want...?

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