Hi Terence,

I love a good disagreement!

I do get, however, that you are saying that people should be aware of it’s future potential – not that they should use it exclusively right now. My view is, why not stick it on there as it’s free – as long as you have the current best solution promoted first – SMS. Not SMS responses from QR – asking people to send in texts to get the info.

So – to respond.

1) In which case NFC won’t be a good choice for an ad CTA either!

2) Fair enough but you are an expert scanner and, at best, it’s as quick as SMS, not quicker. So…. maybe once everyone (and I mean really almost everyone) has a barcode reader and knows how to use them then it’ll be a contender! Until then – lead with SMS as CTA.

3) That Pepsi campaign was a disaster from a QR, if not PR, perspective – IMO – I saw a pres from the agency that sold it to Pepsi. It got a load of PR for novelty value and pretty much all the hits were related to “WTF how do I use that?” The 590 million cans got a grand total of c.30,000 scans. That’s a scan rate of 0.005%. If they had done the same promotion using SMS they could have got maybe 1% – 2%.

So a huge PR success but surely a failure for QR in terms of scans?

Seriously, I use QR a lot from app reviews to Android Market to scanning them whenever I see them and feel it may have a future in product discovery/shopper marketing etc.

It’s just NOT a good choice for ad CTA’s until 2) above has happened.