1) I’m no NFC guru – but I think (?) NFC doesn’t require you do anything but hold the phone close – QR means you have to open an app (which no-one can tell us how many people have)and then scan.

2) Are you seriously saying that opening an app – getting up to the code and then scanning is easier than sending an SMS to get a url in the reply? That a code is faster than Text PEPSI to 8XXXX? Also – everyone – 90% – of people send texts daily – and no-one knows how many scan – though all stats I’ve seen say it’s a total loser as an ad call to action.

3) Just because marketers persuade clients to stick codes on things doesn’t mean people use them. ScanLife in the US did a national campaign for Droid (tech audience, relevant to product) that generated 150,000 scans. It would have been worse if it was a standard FMCG/CPG product. I have done hundreds of campaigns with SMS CTA in the UK that have produced millions of responses with a smaller TA and less promotion.

There is a place for QR – more as a “more info” mechanism (BestBuy US) for consumers who are already interested – but it’s a clunky way to do what an SMS CTA does faster and more easily for consumers.