Some points:

NFC and QR can do different things in different contexts. A print ad or a poster can’t be NFC enabled but can have a 2D code. My view is (in the future) where you can use NFC you should. Why? It will be the easiest way to interact for the (future) mass market.

The real contest, today, is not with 2D and NFC but between 2D and SMS. The quickest, simplest and most universal way to get a consumer to online content is to text a keyword to a short code and include a link to the (mobile) site. Of course, SMS costs money and is not easy to set up in thye US but here you can get that done for £500. In contrast with SMS, QR still has no case studies of mass usage and is not likely to ever be a good way to prompt interaction from consumers as an advertising call to action. QR is more appropriate in contexts such as in retail stores (such as the “more info” functionality on Best Buy shelves in the US.

QR… a zombie that was never fully alive?