Stop Smoking With A QR Code?

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It looks like the Government is to force cigarettes to be sold in plain packaging.

QR codes on packets of coffin nails have appeared before as concept advertising. I thought it would be interesting to see if QR codes could be used for good.

Here’s my attempt (I’m not a graphics designer!)

QR Code on Unbranded Cigarette Pack

Quit Smoking unbranded pack

Original image via WeMadeThis.

The first QR code goes to’s mobile friendly Smoking Calculator.

The second goes to a site which lets your enter your postcode to find help near you. The resultant page has maps and click-to-call links.
NHS Choices Mobile

The NHS has several great mobile pages for smokers who wish to quit – but these were the only ones I could find with a simple URL.

So, whaddaya-think? Will QR codes save people from the evil grasp of Nick O’Teen?

Of course, some people have other ideas…

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