Review: Verso Arc Light for Kindle - from LightWedge

As you may have guessed from previous posts, I love my Kindle. I often read late into the night, which either means keeping a light on and annoying my wife - or using a book light. Normally, I'd be happy just annoying her - but I can't resist the allure of buying new technology!

I tried a few generic book lights but they were either too dim, didn't fit correctly, used obscure batteries or - as with the official booklight case - ensconced in vegetarian unfriendly leather.

Then, I discovered the Verso Arc Light - manufactured by a company called LightWedge.
Verso Arc Light Packaging
It's got everything I was looking for in a book light.

  • Small and light
  • Rechargeable via micro-USB
  • Bright
  • Fits other eBooks

Gratuitous Demo

Before I get into the specs - here's a demo of how it works.

The movement on the light is slightly odd. I like the way it gently slides out - but it does make it feel a little flimsy.


I looked at a number of ebook lights and their either required batteries - which may be hard to find if you're on holiday - or a proprietary charger.
Lightwedge have done the smart thing and made the Arc Light rechargeable via the same connector as the Kindle. That means when I go away I only need to take one cable to charge my Kindle, light, phone, and BlueTooth. Viva USB!

Bonus - it even has a charging light to let you know it's charging and when it is completely charged.
Verso Arc Light Charging
It took a few hours to fully charge, but you can charge it a little at a time. It will even charge and light at the same time.
Verso Arc Light Charged
At 15 hours of light on a full charge - you shouldn't need to plug it in too often.


As well as coming with a standard micro-USB cable (no US plug - just the cable) there are two adapters to make the light fit other ebooks - they specifically mention Kindle 1,2,3,DX, Sony PRS-300 & PRS-600, Kobo and nook.
Lightwedge attached to Kindle
I found that the fit was snug, even with a gel-case on my Kindle.

It's unlikely to fall off unless you give it a sustained shake.
Lightwedge attached to Kindle - side view
It's padded, so it won't scratch or mark your device.


The Arc Light retails online for US$40 (~£25) - and that's before shipping from the USA.
Luckily, I found a dealer in Ireland selling the Verso Arc Light on eBay. Total cost including shipping was €25 (~£22) and was delivered within a week.

Let There Be Light!

Lit 2
The light is bright and covers the whole screen. Naturally, it's slightly darker towards the bottom of the page - but still bright enough to read easily.


As I said, it feels a little flimsy. Others have complained about build quality - but mine seems all right so far.

I would have liked a little carry case or pouch to keep it insulated from knocks and bumps while it isn't in use - but that's a minor niggle.
The USB cable it came with was fine for charging - but didn't seem to support data transfer from my phone. As cables are ten-a-penny, it's not much of an issue.

Overall, a great accessory and a must-buy for any Kindle owner with a partner who needs their beauty sleep!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Verso Arc Light for Kindle - from LightWedge”

  1. Jim says:

    I am now attempting to charge my second Verso rechargeable light. First one the battery would not charge. After 16 hours on charge, arm would not swing out, light would not come on.Exchange light #2 after charging all afternoon,and till 10pm no light, arm would not swing out. With charger plugged in arm would swing around and light would come on. Unplug the charger, light goes out. The light is useless.

    1. The company no longer appears to sell these. I suggest choosing another brand - or buying an eReader with integrated lighting.


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