RBS Treat QR Codes Like They Treat Our Cash

Oh RBS! Is there anything you touch that doesn't turn to shit? You take our money, lose it, then pay it out to yourself. Still, at least your latest advert contains a QR code. Bet you haven't managed to screw that up.


On the back page of the 25 February 2011 edition of the City AM newspaper, is this lovely specimen.

Thankfully, City AM have placed their paper under CC BY NC.

Let's take a zoom in on the code and the instructions that accompany it.
RBS QR InstructionsRBS QR Detail

You Know What's Coming Next, Don't You?

I knew, before I even scanned in this code what the result would be. I bet you do too.
RBS non-mobile website

Just... why bother? How much of our money did this atrocity cost? A full-fat web page that's expensive to download, slow to render, complicated to navigate, and generally useless.

RBS - rather than paying millions in fines for your rotten practices and investing in the highly polluting Tar Sands project - why not spend a few quid on a decent mobile website?

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