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It's nearly time for Mobile World Congress - the glittering jewel in the European mobile tech scene. I'm going along with WAC and will be presenting and schmoozing on their behalf. This blog post - and all others on this site - is personal commentary and does not reflect the opinions of WAC or its members.

With that said - here are my top five predictions for what we'll see at Mobile World Congress 2011!

1 - Nokia To Announce Android Handset

All the engineers at Nokia are busy pouring their hearts and minds into MeeGo. What better way to kick back and relax than by posting Android onto some of Nokia's amazing hardware. A company can't focus on too many software platforms, that's for sure.

2 - Airnegy To Revolutionise Charging

Imagine charging your phone using nothing but WiFi....
The Airnegy may look like a scam - and like it violates the laws of physics - but that's no reason to give up!

3 - Apple Produces Game Changing Accessory

Apple are the "Wild Child" of the mobile industry. They do what they like, when they like! That's why I'm quietly confident that Apple will release a small, perfectly formed cube, with blinking lights on it.

You'll queue all night to buy one.

4 - Nintendo DS Phone

With WP7 breathing new life into the Xbox and Sony Ericsson's PlayStation phone revitalising the industry - there's only one major console left out of the mobile revolution. A Sega Dreamcast phone? That would be swell! But far more likely that Nintendo will release a 2G - not UMTS - phone. Low cost, low power, ability to play MarioKart.... what's not to like?

5 - LTE Rebrand

With all the confusion over 4G - it makes sense for the ITU to rebrand LTE into something customers can easily understand and identify. My highly placed sources tell me the likely name is "Amplified Radio-Sonic Engine for Worldwide Internet Phone Experience". I've no idea if the acronym will catch on.

Got any other sure fire predictions? Stick 'em in the comments.

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